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Vintage aerial photo of San Antonio

The Riverwalk Plaza Hotel

Learn More About Our Historic, Boutique Hotel in San Antonio

The Riverwalk Plaza Hotel is a collection of ideas, inspired by the experiences, lives, and vision of the team tasked with bringing this historic, boutique hotel to life.

The ancient bones of the building and the cultural hub in which it resides, lends itself as a mini modern oasis in an otherwise bustling area on the Riverwalk. The bevy of restaurants, shops and activities complement what the owners of the hotel always envisioned, a high level of comfort in the best location the city has to offer.  

The design of the hotel is fueled by a love for the arts while the hospitality element helps deliver an absolutely unforgettable experience. Come eat, live and play in San Antonio the way we do, you’ll appreciate every moment of your visit!

Vintage photo of San Antonio trolley
Vintage photo of San Antonio
Vintage photo of parade through San Antonio
Vintage aerial photo of San Antonio
Vintage photo of San Antonio skyline

History of Riverwalk Plaza Hotel

Built in the 1920s and originally advertised as the “finest hotel in the South,” the 12-story Plaza Hotel featured a rooftop restaurant, a ballroom, 500 guest rooms and the city's “largest open space for dancing.” Famous hotel guests included movie stars, athletes and even the notorious Al Capone.

The Plaza Hotel’s garage was built on the corner of Soledad and Villita Streets, and a miniature golf course occupied its entire roof. Ultimately, this garage would become the site of Riverwalk Plaza Hotel.

The Plaza Hotel was eventually sold in 1956, and is now an apartment complex. The site where our boutique hotel now stands used to be an island separated from the land by the San Antonio River. This island – named Galveston Island, then Bowen's Island, then Central Park – disappeared in 1926, when the river channel was straightened as a flood control measure.
Learn more about the fascinating history of the original Plaza Hotel here

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