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Curtis Wade

Curtis Wade

Curtis Wade, artist extraordinaire in his own right, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1979 to a family of incredible artistic talent.  His grandmother, Juan Dell was a sculptor, while his grandfather, Joe Wade, operated a successful gallery.

With a true passion for art, Curtis was raised and taught by a family and friend circle of talented artists going back generations. He is a fine art painter whose skilled works are highly sought after. 

As a child Wade was an avid painter and experimented with oils, pastels and acrylics. At the age of 13, Wade began lessons with his uncles Barry McCuan and Terry Wade, as well as his Aunt Arlene La Dell Hayes. By the age of 18, Wade had gained enough experience and training to sell his art professionally.

Years of soul searching and traveling down different roads, he found his own style.  While it is said, "his voice is impressionistic, bright and reminiscent of Van Gough," Curtis found a realism that has brought him full circle.  Varied styles and brush strokes only compliment this artist's individuality and personality that is evident in every work.

Wade's works can be found in several other galleries around Texas including Main Plaza and Monte Wade Fine Arts Gallery here in San Antonio,as well as Texas Treasures Fine Art in Boerne.

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