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San Antonio Romance Package

Romance Package

To personalize this package to your needs our reservations team is available 24 hours to assist you, please call 1-800-554-4678 or email us at

Upon entering your room, a dozen roses is sure to put you in a romantic mood.

When your ready, we will deliver chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to your room to top off your evening.

Every morning, breakfast is provided at the exquisite Bar-Salona Lounge.

If you have a vehicle, it will be included in this package so no worries about parking fees.


Package Breakdown:

Everyday Breakfast(s)

A dozen roses in the room upon request (standard is at check-in)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries upon request

Bottle(s) of Champagne or Wine upon request

Please provide us with the delivery dates of:

1) The Dozen Roses

2) Chocolate Covered Strawberries

3) Champagne*

*Champagne can be exchanged for wine or non-alcoholic champagne/wine.

We also need:  

4) Breakfast included daily, let our staff know how many guests want it

5) Vehicle is optional let our staff know if you are traveling with one*

*Additional fees not incurred if not traveling with vehicle