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The Art and History of San Antonio

Art & History

The Riverwalk Plaza Hotel prides itself in being a truly boutique experience, tailoring to the individual who wants something special from their hotel. While visiting our historic property, our guests enjoy a hotel with unique amenities, like the Lending Library and urban Coffee Shop, as well as an Art & History Museum! 

Learn some history about San Antonio through our Historic Photo Murals and read about a particular timeframe. 

At the Riverwalk Plaza, each space (Lobby, Monterrey Lounge, Ballroom, Driveway, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Bar, Pool, Room Hallways, and Rooms) is a unique gallery with both art and history!



Riverwalk Plaza Hotel has been an art-inspired property since being home to the largest indoor mural in Texas, our magnificent driveway, back in 1996. With an eclectic mix of murals by Mack Stewart and Jaques, juxtaposed with brand new art by Curtis Wade, those with an appreciation for art will find this place truly remarkable.

Curtis Wade, artist extraordinaire in his own right, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1979 to a family of incredible artistic talent.  His grandmother, Juan Dell was a sculptor, while his grandfather, Joe Wade, operated a successful gallery.

With a true passion for art, Curtis was raised and taught by a family and friend circle of talented artists going back generations. He is a fine art painter whose skilled works are highly sought after.


The Riverwalk Plaza Hotel’s Historic Photo Murals are a unique timeline displayed throughout the 72 year old original property. While the hotel (at 31 years and counting) is not as old as the original facility, it has still been in San Antonio long enough to experience the city’s diverse growth.

All of the historic photos were retrieved from the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Institute of Texas Cultures, and were chosen to assemble the unique theme for each floor.

Alongside each mural is the date of which the photograph was taken (each decade since the 30s) as well as a brief description!

Historic Location

If you're in search of San Antonio hotels near such historic sites as our Bexar County Courthouse, The Riverwalk is the perfect place to stay. Literally steps away from our historic boutique hotel and offers a wide array of shopping and dining, we're also close to numerous spots rich with fascinating area history. Our hotel's so near the Bexar County Courthouse that we're just across the street from it!

Additionally, we are near a number of celebrated attractions and things to do including The Alamo and Market Square. We're also just minutes from area military bases. You'll find that we are convenient to whatever it is you may want to do or see during your stay.

San Antonio is rich with historical landmarks and heritage. Enjoy the fascinating sites, stories and people that played such an important part of not only the area's history, but the country's. Always interesting and fun, you should definitely make time to explore these incredible attractions.