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Riverwalk Plaza FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find your Best Available Rates for any given date?

A: The Best Available Rate for our property can be found on our website’s reservation booking program. Click the ‘Make A Reservation’ button on the top right of the website to access it  


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Our cancellation policy can be found on the following webpage:

Q: Are pets allowed on your property?

A: Unfortunately, we do not allow pets on property.


Q: Does your hotel have airport shuttle service?

A:  We do not provide airport shuttle service. The company GoShuttle at the airport does provide the most affordable shuttle service to our hotel with the following prices:
$18 one-way per person, $32 round-trip per person
For more than 1 person, we recommend a taxi (210.222.2222) whose price will be  around $20 - $25 one-way.


Q: How much and what type of parking do you offer?

A:  We have an in-house covered parking garage which charges $14.99 a night for hotel guests.

Q: When I arrive to your hotel, where do I park?

A: When entering the hotel by vehicle, it will be from Villita Street. If you have not checked in, turn right after you enter and park in front of the lobby where our front desk staff can assist you.  After check-in, you will have to re-enter the building from Villita Street and can pull up to the parking garage ramp gate. It will open automatically if the sign says ‘GO’. You will need your room key to exit the garage. Please pay attention to our ‘GO’/’STOP’ sign system.

Q: Do you have smoking rooms available?

A: Yes, we are one of the few Riverwalk hotels with smoking rooms available to our guests.


Q: Is breakfast included at this hotel?

A: Breakfast is not included when staying at the property. We do have an on-site coffee shop named Java Plaza and restaurant/bar named Bar-Salona, both of which have options of hot and cold breakfast.


Q: What is the age limit for check-in?

A: We require the guest be 18 years old with a valid I.D.


Q: How far are you from the Riverwalk and Market Square

A: The Riverwalk Plaza Hotel is located on the south section of the Riverwalk, and with an entrance across the street from the north exit of the hotel. The tourist section is on the east end and is within a 5-10 minute riverside walk.

Market Square is located due west of the Riverwalk Plaza Hotel and is also a 5-10 minute walk.

Please see the following maps for our exact location.


Q: Would I be able to ship a package to the hotel to be given to a guest or myself?

A: Yes, we will be able to hold a package for you at our front desk for a limited amount of time, not exceeding the intended guest’s stay. The address to ship the package to is:

      Riverwalk Plaza Hotel

    100 Villita St

            San Antonio, Texas 78205